Weeknotes — June 21st — 25th

James Green
2 min readJun 25, 2021

More new faces

This week saw the addition of another person from design agency Scroll! This time in a Lead Content Designer capacity, while a newly hired lead serves out their three month notice period.

It’s cool to have another experienced designer in the team — they have a lot of GDS and government experience. They gave great feedback on my writing, and are keen to set up regular group crit sessions in future, which is music to my ears!

Ironing out

I had some confusion with stakeholders when it came to a piece of content for Technology Enabled Care. A quick meeting cleared up a few issues and got us on the same page.

This is now signed off and will be going live sometime next week, once their ‘self-assessment tool’ is ready.

Analyse this

Our data expert gave us a crash course in how we use Google Analytics this week. There are some useful insights into how individual pages perform. I’m looking forward to using this data to improve our content.

Into the deep end

Myself and another new Content Designer were thrown straight into a Show and Tell this week — they in fact hold the company record for shortest time between starting and presenting at one (a whole week!).

It was nice and informal. We didn’t make any fancy slides and just shared the live Essex County Council website. We talked through a few important changes we had made to sections of ‘Getting married in Essex’, and why we had made those decisions.

Reading list

This week I’ve been reading a bit of ‘Task-based intranet content’ by Lizzie Bruce, as this could be useful for some work coming our way.

I also checked out Apple’s The process of inclusive design — WWDC 2021 video, which has some interesting insight on how they aim to make products inclusive.



James Green

I am a Content Designer at Essex County Council, with a background in the music industry.