Weeknotes-August 2nd-August 6th

James Green
1 min readAug 9, 2021

I’m really behind on weeknotes! Partly due to getting married, which was lots of fun. There were also tons of meetings last week — lots of fun meetups and workshops to attend!

Structural changes

A bit of head scratching this week with DDaT content. We had our 6 ‘units’ done, but the narrative didn’t feel quite right. A few sessions on Miro helped us shuffle things around a bit. We went back to the drawing point and thought about what we actually want people to know and how to string all this together. We’re getting there, slowly but surely!

What’s a product manager?

Our colleague Keelan Fadden-Hopper ran a session on what a product manager does (and all the different types of PM). This was really interesting and helped to put the role in context.

Synthesise this

A couple of us content designers jumped in a Miro board with delivery manager, Greg. We looked at previous retros and tried to pull out lessons learned. Greg is then putting this all together in a way that can help the team going forward.


There were so many good meet ups to attend this week. OneTeamGov Local, a cross-gov design buddy group, and a cross-gov show and tell. So much cross-gov insight, my head is spinning.

That’ll do pig, see you on Friday for all the action from this coming week!



James Green

I am a Content Designer at Essex County Council, with a background in the music industry.